The Forever Cruise

When Halcyon Seas, a luxury alternative to retirement living, sets sail on her maiden voyage, three women on board dream of a better future.

Will Captain Marianne Moore prove herself capable in her new role? Her career depends on it.

Will Cabin maid Olivia Rose be able to keep her secret and her job? Her impoverished family relies on her wages.

And will pensioner Alice Wagstaff finally find the courage to live the life she wants?

When the cruise ship veers off course, the future is uncertain and dangerous.

Can the three women embrace this new direction, or will the journey of a lifetime turn into a living nightmare?

Available in paperback, and digital. Free to Kindle Unlimited

What some people have said about The Forever Cruise – just three of the 5 star reviews on Amazon.

‘A unique scenario, well-drawn characters and a wonderful evocation of life on a cruise ship, combine to make The Forever Cruise highly recommended by this reader.’

‘Such an original and innovative plot! I was hooked from the start and felt invested in the characters. The scenes were so well described I felt myself transported and could feel the sun on my face. Can’t wait for the next adventure from this writer.’

‘5 stars for one of the most enjoyable and creatively-conceived plots I have read. I encourage readers to relax with Captain Marianne and Alice Wagstaff and enjoy their entertaining story.’

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