The Borrowed Boy

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The Borrowed Boy

A borrowed boy, a borrowed name and living on borrowed time.

What do you put on a bucket list when you haven’t done anything with your life? No interesting job, no lovers, no family, no friends. Believing she has only weeks left to live, Angie Winkle vows to make the most of every minute.

Going back to Jaywick Sands, is top of her bucket list. Experiencing life as a grandmother is not, but the universe has other plans and when four-year-old Danny is separated from his mum on the tube, Angie goes to his rescue. She tries to return him to his mum but things do not go exactly as planned and the two of them embark on a life changing journey.

Set in Jaywick Sands, once an idyllic Essex holiday village in the 70s, but now a shantytown of displaced Londoners, this is a story about hidden communities and our need to belong. 

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Just some of the five star reviews of The Borrowed Boy

‘Part mystery, part whimsy, and full of heart, this book will make you want to jump into your own life and live it! Yay!’ Jena Henry Jena Books

‘There is SO much in this story that the author has put together so well. The book takes you on a whirlwind ride of emotions.’ Rajiv’s Reviews

‘There are some twists in this story that I was not expecting, but they kept me quickly reading to find out what was going to happen next.’ Carla Love to Read

‘An uplifting story about how people make a place; seizing the day & finding a sense of belonging.’ Yeah Lifestyle

‘Part mystery, part whimsy, and full of heart, this book will make you want to jump into your own life and live it!’ Jena C Henry

Wow! this is a beautiful story, packed with emotional conundrums yet also tense and exciting. A lovely story, told with heart and humour and one which will hold you rapt until the end.’ Lynne Fellows

‘Beautifully written (although parts just shattered me!), this will capture your heart (be warned it will break it into pieces too) and you will still be thinking about it for quite a while after you’ve finished reading it! 5 stars for a really beautiful debut novel, written with honesty and finesse.’ Jan’s book buzz

‘The Borrowed Boy is a great read if you are looking for a feel-good story with a memorable cast who will touch your heart.’  Susan the book bag

‘This was a solid novel, a very good debut. I would suggest it to those who want an evocative and emotional read. I’m planning to purchase a copy for my grandmother who I know will love the story. This is a lovely read I felt many emotions reading, and I would read more from this author.’   Storme reads a lot

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