Friday Salon

In Victorian times a Salon was where creative people came together for inspiring conversations and to make connections. A perfect name for our Friday Tweet-chats.

Every Friday at 4pm GMT/ BST writers meet for an hour to discuss a writing topic, share tips and resources, and to support one another. Occasionally, I will invite an expert as a guest but everyone has something of value to share as well as to learn.

Everyone is welcome. To join in:

  1. Check the time for your time zone. It will be either 11am EST/EDT or 12 midday but as the clocks change you will need to check to be sure.
  2. Put #FriSalon in your twitter search to follow the chat.
  3. Remember to write #FriSalon in all of your tweets so that we can see you.
  4. I tweet questions every 10 mins or so. It is helpful if you include the question number in your response.

I write up the notes and post them here. They are a useful reference, as participants generously share links to resources as well as their wisdom. I always find things I missed in the live chat as it is fast and furious.


Would definitely recommend getting involved in #FriSalon. Lots to learn and lovely people to meet.


I tell everyone I know who writes to join in with #FriSalon It’s F-A-B – not only is motivational and supportive you learn things and get to make friends!


A really wonderful chat! I look forward to each #FriSalon

Notes from tweet-chats 2021

 Your Writing Life 2nd July

Your writing journey 26th June

Pitches, blurbs, and synopsis 18th June

When to Press Send 4th June

Write What You Know 28th May

 Reading as a Writer 21st May

Writing the Backstory 14th May

Writing Memorable and Believable Characters 7th May

Time and place 30th May

Author website and newsletter 23rd April Guest Charlotte Ducksworth

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation 16th April

Writing a Great Scene 9th April

The Cutting Room Floor 2nd April

Book Marketing 26th March

Writing Suspense 19th March Guest Lesley Kara

Writing Habits 12th March

Starting to write a new novel 5th March

Poetry 26th February led by guest host Bradley Galimore

The art of writing a short story 19th February Guest Sue Moorcroft

Choosing your writing genre 12th February

Launching your book 5th February

The art of blogging 29th January

Networking and social media 22nd January Guest – Lizzy Chantree

Marketing strategy 15th January

A positive mindset in handling rejection 8th January Guest – Bradley Galimore

Notes from last year’s tweet-chats can be found in Tweet chat notes 2020 archive

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