Tweet-chat Book Marketing 9th Oct 2020

Fourteen writers joined this discussion to share tips and ask questions on book marketing. The 90 mins went by quickly and we only brushed the surface of topics. However, there were some great tips and resources shared. I have done my best to summarise these below. I am sorry if I missed anything. 

What works?

Social media – Twitter. The timing of tweets is important. Avoid on the hour or half hour as this will be popular for scheduled tweets.

@Elizabeth Holland shared a YouTube film on her tips for using social media in book marketing. 

Buffer and Hootsuite are useful tools for scheduling tweets in advance. Buffer will analyse the best time for your tweets.

Asking questions on Twitter. But only ask if you are genuinely interested in the reply and engage fully.

Building a readers list. Inviting readers to sign up to a mailing list on your website and in the back of your books. Then send regular newsletters.

Having a strategy and plan. Set small achievable goals and schedule these in your diary so that you are not overwhelmed.

Learn from gurus – find your mentors. Listen to their podcasts and free webinairs etc. Recommendations include: Joanna Penn The Creative Penn, Mark Dawson, Nick Stephenson, Bryan Cohen, David Graghron.

Find a writing buddy and hold each other to account/support and encourage.

Remember that writing more books and improving writing skills is also an important part of marketing!

Supporting other writers for example: beta reading, guest blogs, reviews, social media groups. You will learn from one another as well as benefit from opportunities as a result of positive networking.

Getting more reviews:

Review swaps with other authors.

Indie Reviewer  Find Indie reviewers at no cost.

Mark Dawson runs a free webinair on how to get more reviewers.

Paste a link to the review page on Amazon at the back of your book immediately after The End and explain why reviews are important to the author.


Bryan Cohen runs a free course every 6 months The Amazon Ad Challenge. 

It is best to have 3 or more books before running ads as then you are more likely to get follow through in sales.

If you cannot afford ads then Writers lifts and opportunities to promote your book on Facebook Groups such as Book Connectors can be effective.

Launching your book.

Countdown to publication plan including: Cover reveal, extracts, the story behind the story.

Consider a virtual launch using Zoom or Facebook.

Organise a blog tour – either paid (recommended) or do this yourself by networking with book bloggers who are most likely to be interested in your book. 

What to include as front and back matter for your book.

Front: Title, copyright, contents.

Back Next book, buy links, sign up to readers list, first chapter next book, other books with links and about the author.

Back cover blurb.

Final words:

Build steadily. Cultivate your readership. Be patient. Focus on the people most likely to buy your book (watch your link through rate).

Keep on writing. 

Supporting each other

And having fun!

I couldn’t capture all of the blog links shared, sorry. Perhaps we could do this through tweets. 

Thank you for joining me. It was good to meet you here.