Castaway Books with Anita Belli

Episode one – pilot

I had a fascinating discussion with Anita belli about her life in dance and theatre before raising a family and becoming an author and creative writing tutor. Anita pointed out that although she was limited to five books she could have picked any books by these authors as once she falls in love with a book she reads everything written by that author.

Little Women  Louisa May Alcott

100 years of Solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Watermelon Marian Keyes

The Man who Made Vermeers  Jonathan Lopez

Chocolat  Joanne Harris

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Castaway Books with guest Eva Seyler deborah's Podcast

In this episode I chat with Eva Seyler, author of The War in Our Hearts about her life growing up in the Mennonite Community and she introduces me to the story of Opal Whiteley, the once celebrated, then controversial child genius who wrote a best selling diary. A fascinating episode. 
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