Castaway Books

Each week in Castaway Books, I talk to one of my favourite authors about the books which have inspired their life and influenced their writing. 

Which books would you take with you to this island?

A link to the episode on YouTube and information about the books discussed can be found by following the links below.

Season One:

Episode two – Elizabeth Holland author of The Vintage Bookshop of memories.

Episode three – Lesley Kara International best seller of The Rumour and Who Did You Tell.

Episode four – Kirsten Hesketh author of Another Us.

Episode five – Lynne Shelby author of The Summer of Taking Chances and other books.

Episode six – Jessica Redland author of The Hedgehog Hollow series, Starry Skies Over The Chocolate Pot Café, and other books.

Episode seven – Deborah Klée  author of The Borrowed Boy and Just Bea.

Episode eight – Kim Nash author of Sunshine and Second Chances, and other books.

Episode nine – Maria Johnson author of The Boy from the Snow, and other books

Season Two guests include:

Kathleen Marble Kalb author of Fatal Finale, and other books in the Ella Shane Mystery series.

Lynne McVernon author of Jigsaw Island

Jeevani Charika, also writing as Rhoda Baxter

Castaway Books will be broadcast as a podcast from 4th March starting with episode two.

The first episode was a pilot where I chatted with Anita Belli author of Divas Dogs and Dreamers and other books. Information about the books discussed and a link to the pilot episode can be found here

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