Castaway Books

Each week in Castaway Books, I talk to one of my favourite authors about the books which have inspired their life and influenced their writing. 

Which books would you take with you to this island?

A link to the episode on YouTube, Podcast and information about the books discussed can be found by following the links below.

Season Two

 Episode one – Kathleen Marple-Kalb author of A Fatal Finale, and A Fatal First Night

Episode two – Lynne McVernon author of Jigsaw Island

Episode three – Jeevani Chakira also writing as Rhoda Baxter

Episode four – Kathleen McGurl author of The Secret of The Château and other books

Episode five – Gillian Harvey author of Everything is Fine and Perfect on Paper

Episode six – Lizzie Chantree author of SHH… Its Our Secret, and other romantic reads.

Episode seven – Liz Martinson author of The Takeover, and other books.

Episode eight – Gerald Hornsby author of The Jerry Sander’s Mysteries, Body on the Beach and other books.

Episode nine – Pamela Holmes author of The Huntingfield Paintress and Wyld Dreamers

Episode ten – Zelah Roberts author of Midsummer Man

Episode eleven – Chris Towndrow author of Tow away Zone, and other books

Season One:

The first episode was a pilot where I chatted with Anita Belli author of Divas Dogs and Dreamers and other books. Information about the books discussed and a link to the pilot episode can be found here

Episode two – Elizabeth Holland author of The Vintage Bookshop of memories.

Episode three – Lesley Kara International best seller of The Rumour and Who Did You Tell.

Episode four – Kirsten Hesketh author of Another Us.

Episode five – Lynne Shelby author of The Summer of Taking Chances and other books.

Episode six – Jessica Redland author of The Hedgehog Hollow series, Starry Skies Over The Chocolate Pot Café, and other books.

Episode seven – Deborah Klée  author of The Borrowed Boy and Just Bea.

Episode eight – Kim Nash author of Sunshine and Second Chances, and other books.

Episode nine – Maria Johnson author of The Boy from the Snow, and other books

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