Castaway Books with Gerald Hornsby

This week’s my guest is Gerald Hornsby author of The Jerry Sanders Mystery Series (including Body on the Beach), and four books on writing craft.  Also writing action thrillers as Jack Warwick. Gerald is the first male guest to my island. A fellow member of Frinton Writers’ Group I have been a fan of his writing for some time and value his support.

The books Gerald chose (he did cheat a little by squeezing in more than five, but as the first man brave enough to be interviewed, I let him get away with it.)

1a The Mast (1840) by Richard Henry Dana Jr.

1b The Thirty-Nine Steps (1915) by John Buchan

2. The Classic Lensman Series (1948-1954) by E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith.

3. Berlin Game (1983) by Len Deighton.

4. On Writing by Stephen King (2000)

5. Down to a Sunless Sea – David Graham.

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