Life-changing decisions

Have you ever made an impulsive decision that has changed your life? I have made a few ropey decisions, mostly when I was much younger. Maybe we take fewer risks as we grow older, keeping within our comfort zone.  Perhaps the most questionable decision was when I packed a rucksack and, on an impulse, flew fromContinue reading “Life-changing decisions”

Why community is important

Everybody needs to feel valued and respected for what they bring to the world. When a person retires or becomes redundant they may experience a feeling of being surplus to requirements. We all need to be needed and when we think that we have no useful purpose it can lead to depression. The truth is,Continue reading “Why community is important”

Learning to be patient

Patience is a virtue, but not one that comes easily to me. I know that I am impatient, not with other people, just with myself. I want to achieve everything yesterday. However, there is a positive side. My impatience has served me well in many ways as I am motivated to succeed, work hard, andContinue reading “Learning to be patient”


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Hello and welcome to my blog.

I am Deborah Klee, author of The Borrowed Boy and Just Bea. I use my blog to share my journey as an author and to support the writing community.  A background in health and social care has influenced my writing, as working with people who often exist on the edges of society, I give them a voice through my stories, and write them a happy ending.

Find out about my books, The Borrowed Boy and Just Bea.

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