My blog Abra-K-Deborah is about the inner journey of the creative, with posts on personal development as well as behind the scenes information on my books – perfect for book clubs.

Why you are special

Do you sometimes despair believing that you have no chance of being seen when there is so much competition? Maybe you are a musician, a writer, an actor, or just applying for your dream job and facing one rejection after another. To keep on, keeping on, when it feels the odds are against us is … Continue reading Why you are special

The pause between breaths

In yoga and meditation, we are taught to focus on the pause between breaths. Mindful breathing- slow deep breaths, help calm the mind and relax the body. But it is the pause between breaths where transformation happens. In these moments of stillness, we switch off our thoughts and go inward.  ‘Breathe in for four counts, … Continue reading The pause between breaths

Why there is no right time to write but being older has its advantages. 

I started to write my first novel when I was in my fifties. I am 62 next month and have had two novels published The Borrowed Boy Aug 2020 and Just Bea February 2021. I always wanted to write a novel and have been a writer all of my life from writing stories and making books as an eight-year-old, to writing … Continue reading Why there is no right time to write but being older has its advantages. 


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