About Me

Deborah Klée

I write page-turning, feel-good stories about self-discovery, second-chances, friendship, and community.

My website Abra-K-Deborah is so called because I believe there is a little magic in storytelling. I have always told stories, not whoppers, although I expect I told a few of them too in my teenage years, but imaginary tales. First, to my younger brother and then to my daughter. Tell me a story about… they would say, and I’m sure they suggested the craziest things they could think of but I loved the challenge. In those quiet hours as I sat at the end of a bed and made up a tale, not knowing where the beginning would lead me, I felt a profound sense of calm and fulfilment. 

I believe our purpose, that heartfelt dream that drives us, is planted like a seed in our hearts. As it takes root, the desire to achieve our goal can become all consuming. Mine wasn’t always to publish novels, as a schoolgirl I was desperate to become an occupational therapist and then, later in my career, to really make a difference in the way that health and social care were delivered. All of those dreams came true and I can look back now on a fulfilling and rewarding career.

My work in health and social care brought me into contact with people who showed tremendous courage and emotional resilience when living through adversity. The voices of those people, often unheard, weave their way into my stories. I love being able to write them a happy ending.

Despite the sometimes-dark subject matter of my stories they are uplifting and heart-warming. 

The Borrowed Boy, my debut, was shortlisted for the Deviant Minds Award 2019, awarded book of the month by Chill with a Book readers, and awarded a B.R.A.G. Medallion. 

I live with my husband on the Essex Coast where I love to walk by the sea or the surrounding countryside. On these walks, I fill my pockets with shells, and acorns, and my head with stories – feeling grateful for a life well lived.


You can follow me on Twitter @DeborahKlee