Introducing The Mindful Writer Podcast

Hello, this is Deborah Klee, author of The Borrowed Boy and Just Bea. You might have met me before on my podcast Castaway Books or here on my blog AbraKdeborah. If you have then you will know my fascination with the inner journey of the creative – what drives us, keeps us sane, and helps us to lead our best life.

To be a writer is one of the most rewarding occupations imaginable but the writer’s journey is tough – we need emotional resilience, courage, determination, patience, and self-belief. 

There is a lot of shared wisdom on the craft of writing and how to market our books but not so much on the inner journey. 

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I imagine us all climbing a mountainous hill, a winding path with stopping places to rest. There are some creatives that have journeyed ahead of us and some who follow in our tracks. We support one another: a helping hand, words of encouragement, reflections on how far we have come. 

This podcast is to help writers on that journey – the inner journey, as we experience the highs and lows of a writer’s life together.

Each week I chat with a guest exploring the psychological, emotional, and spiritual journey they have experienced as a writer, the lessons they have learnt – and are continuing to learn. 

We are part of creation, works in progress, striving to become our best self and fulfil our potential. As I talk to other writer’s and reflect on my own experience, I hope to discover how we might find abundance in our creative pursuits, achieving our goals the mindful way.

The themes we might explore include:

  • Starting afresh 
  • Finding time
  • Fear of failure
  • Self-care 
  • Focusing on what is within our control
  • Trusting the journey
  • Being open to possibility and not attaching to one outcome
  • Cyclical living – being in tune with seasonal change
  • Writer’s block
  • Rejection
  • Imposter syndrome 
  • Comparing to others

I have already interviewed several guests for the show and can’t wait to share their words of wisdom with you. They have left me feeling lighter, inspired, and energised. A transcript of each episode will be shared here on my blog when the episode goes live. It will include links for further information, and a summary of the key points. There are so many brilliant tips, I know that this is a resource I will personally return to time and again. 

I hope that you receive the same joy as me when you listen in. Don’t forget to subscribe to The Mindful Writer Podcast. There is no fee but you will be informed when a new episode goes live. The first one is scheduled for the 4th May – fitting for Star Wars Day – May the fourth go with you.

We would love you to join in the conversations by dropping your comments here on this blog or the podcast.

You can find all episodes of The Mindful Writer Podcast to play on your chosen podcast here:

Don’t forget to subscribe so that you hear when a new episode goes live.

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8 thoughts on “Introducing The Mindful Writer Podcast

  1. Hi Deborah, thanks for the update. I can’t wait to listen to your podcast! I love your reading your posts, therefore I know your podcast is going to be amazing!

    I started reading Just Bea and I love it to so far! Can’t wait to see what happens at the end!

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